In December 2018, in 3 days, 3BM sold some kilos of vanilla at a very advantageous price to our regular customers. We will now expand our imports in cooperation with our partner Christy Trade Madagascar. At the same time, in collaboration with them we will also try to help the farmers, offering a better price and protecting them the best we can.

Our Malagasy supplier exports directly from Northeast Madagascar in the Sambava, where some of the world's best Burbon vanilla is produced. Our partner has visited several villages in order to explore how the harvest will be next year and they are constantly monitoring the situation in the region.

The general picture is now quite clear. If you want to use vanilla during Christmas in 2019, best advice is to secure your order as soon as possible from this year's vanilla harvest. Vanilla can retain its high quality for two years and more under the right storage conditions.



The reason we can already now predict the harvest in 2019 is that the vanilla vine usually flowers in September and October. Unfortunately, the peasants could already see in early October that there were almost no flowers on the vines! They estimate that at that time they had only pollinated some 10% of the flowers compared to last year.

Although there are few flowers, it does rain a lot and therefore the plants are strong and healthy. It is also possible to pollinate in November and December. However, often these flowers will be destroyed in the rainy season which begins around New Year and the rain can be very destructive for young flowers.

Our exporter has learned that there was a little more flowering in November and much more in December, but this can not compensate for the real problems in September and October. In one area, they therefore only expect to harvest half of the crop 2018 harvest in 2019, and in another area even only one third of the 2018 harvest.

It takes 9 months before the harvest can begin. But because the harvest this year is small, there will be even greater risk of theft of the green beans. For this reason we also fear that the farmers may have to sell earlier in order to save crops from criminal activities. The effect is that beans will not be of the highest quality, because they are harvested prematurely, before full ripening.

We will only be able to see the final result by harvest time from July to September 2019.

But: from autumn 2019 fewer beans, higher prices and poorer quality.



We currently only orders for minimum 12 beans for 80 dollars (By January 15, 2019)

You pay 40 dollars when you place your order, and the rest a few weeks or months later, when your order is ready to ship. Add 20 dollars, if you want us to store your beans for delivery in November.

We will of course live up to current requirements for food inspection and storage of food.

Contact Jens Bruun Kofoed or Nicolai Winther-Nielsen for further information.



Our passion is to support the peasants of the Lutheran Church in the Sambava region and to offer theological education for students in Madagascar.

All profits from the sale of vanilla will be used to further development of projects within the Global Learning Initiative with a focus on Madagascar (Click HERE). If you want to sell it in your church, family or local community, we can offer better deals for you.

Vanilla fits 3BM's profile well. Vanilla is the oldest spice found in an archaeological excavation. Traces of vanilla in a jar from a Bronze Age grave in Megiddo show that in 1600 BC, the canoes used this spice in their funeral rituals (Read more HERE).

3BM conveys background on the Bible and its world. Now, the oldest spice can support better learning about the most important work ever produced in the Middle East. The best Bourbon vanilla comes from Madagascar, where in 2011 we started testing our new language technology. Madagascar's ancient spice can now support the teaching of the world's most important book on the globe.



We want to help the Malagassys themselves to create a better theological education, which is not dependent on varying and declining gifts from donry the West. We do this by working with our Christian, sustainable and ethically responsible vanilla exporter, Christy Trade Madagascar.

We believe that we can help prevent theft, murder, child labor and money laundering. Help us do that by using this offer.

Last modified: Saturday, 12 January 2019, 1:54 PM